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Conflict Timeline

All stories listed have been complied using 'The Daily Nation' and 'The Monitor' newspapers.

July 30-31st/08


A scheduled meeting in Ri-Kwangba of the LRA leadership, flopped because of demands for food, water and medicines had not been met, according to a letter from Matsanga to the chief mediator, South Sudan vice-president Riek Machar. (Food supplies by Caritas were stopped recently after it became clear that the fighters were not assembling in Ri-Kwangba, as was required).


July 31st/08

James Obita, the former leader of the LRA delegation to the Juba peace talks, has applied for amnesty with the Uganda Amnesty Commission. He was reported as saying that he hopes that such a move would encourage other LRA to come out of the bush.


Justice, Law and Order Sector forum begins in Entebbe under the theme: Developing and managing an effective transitional justice system for Uganda. The meeting is expected to discuss how to implement a framework for accountability and reconciliation following the 20 years of armed conflict.


Aug 4th/08


The former leader of the LRA peace team in Juba, Dr. James Alfred Obita, was granted amnesty after 22 years of fighting the Government.


In Gulu, the Lost Children memorial day was celebrated. The Gulu chairman, Norbert Mao gave a very painful apology to children in Northern Uganda that " Please we are sorry and forgive us, the government and your parents for not protecting you!" He said they will support the initiative to construct a memorial for the Lost unknown children and all improve on Education as a way of reintegration and protect children's rights.


Aug 20th/08


United Nations peacekeepers and soldiers from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) have been jointly deployed in the eastern provinces of Ituri and Orientale to protect civilians after attacks by the rebel group known as the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). A spokesman for the UN Mission in Congo (MONUC), Michel Bonnardeaux, told a press briefing that the Ugandan rebel group had attacked and robbed villages around Duru over the last week.


Aug 22nd/08

SPLA government forces attacked LRA soldiers accompanying Kony for a meeting with mediators in Rikwamba. SPLA Major General Parayang said that the Government of South Sudan did not inform the SPLA authorities about the resumption of talks between the LRA and Ugandan government nor about the convoy delivering food to the LRA.


Aug 27th/08


The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) states it will take military action against Uganda's rebel army, the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA), in the northeast part of DRC. UN peacekeepers and DRC soldiers were jointly deployed in the DRC eastern provinces during the past week, after new attacks from the LRA.


Aug 28th/08


The U.S. Treasury Department added LRA chief Joseph Kony to its list of "specially designated global terrorists," a designation that carries financial and other penalties. It said any finances and assets belonging to the LRA and any of its leaders, members or promoters will be confiscated in the USA.


Sept 1st/08

Acholi cultural and religious leaders release a joint statement together with the chief mediator, Dr Riek Machar, and the LRA representative, Mr David Matsanga-Nyekorach that their attempt to revive the peace talks is aimed to continue dialogue between the LRA and Government of Uganda.


The most senior United States legislator on Africa, Senator Russell Feingold, appealed to US President George W. Bush to quickly help find a solution to the LRA problem, saying peace talks have failed. He urged Washington to devote more diplomatic and other resources to the problem.


Sept 6/08


30 cows were reported to have been raided by the Karamajong in Ngariamam sub-county.


Sept 8/08


DRC’s army and the UN have begun a military operation to try to contain the activities of the LRA sending 200 troops to the northern town of Dungu. UN military spokesman Col Jean Paul Dietrich stated that the new campaign is aimed to deter or prevent human rights violations by the LRA against the local population. Some 900 more troops are expected to reinforce the initial deployment of 200. In response, Matsanga accused the Congolese government and the United Nations of trying to sabotage negotiations aimed at peacefully disbanding the rebel group.


Sept 10/08


Lira district is declared free of bombs following a five-month collection exercise by a 66-member team. Harris Woboya, the coordinator of the mine action program said that the explosives, located with help of the local communities, were found in 13 areas.


Sept 17th/08


LRA are suspected to have kidnapped up to 90 pupils from Kiliwa rimary School in DR Congo. Houses, schools, churches and health centres were looted and burned. A village chief and two Italian missionaries were also abducted and at least three civilians were killed.


A 10-man delegation comprising of religious and cultural leaders travel to Juba to meet the peace talks mediator, Mr Machar Riek. Kony had invited the group to look at the weakness in the peace agreement before he finally signs. Kony however failed to meet the group citing poor communication from his delegation as the reason.


Sept 18th/08


LRA accused of attacking a border village of Sakure sub-county (Payam) between Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in a surprise attack on the Sudan People’s Liberation Army barracks. Colonel Joseph Ngere, stated that the barracks attack involved about 100 LRA rebels who burnt houses among other atrocities. One SPLA soldier and a 4-year-old child were killed in the ambush.


Fr. Benoit Kinalegu of the Catholic Diocese in Dungu, DR Congo writes a letter to his regional bishop stating that LRA attacks have been reported in Duru, Nambia and Kiliwa. Fr. Kinalegu said local reports in Duru and Nambia showed that the LRA had kidnapped its local chiefs while an assault on a market in Kiliwa saw the razing of houses and abduction of 50 young people.


Karimajong reported to have attacked Okoco Parish in Ongongoja sub-county and took four cows which were later recovered by the UPDF in Matany, Moroto district.


Sept 19th/08


Lira RDC Joan Pacoto said 10 people had been killed over various land conflicts in Lira, which involved relatives. The killings involved the use of both guns and machetes.


Sept 22/08


The United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef) urged the LRA to immediately release 90 children kidnapped from their schools on September 17 in simultaneous attacks on three villages in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The children are presumed to have been taken to nearby LRA bases in the forest.


Launch of the Government initiated, Demobilisation and Reintegration Project for former LRA combatants and former rebels of the Allied Democratic Force. The World Bank and the Government signed the first grant agreement last month of $2.85 (sh4.7b). The funds were given to the Amnesty Commission, which will implement the project up to 2010.


The Acholi Paramount chief, Rwot Onen Acana II accuses the LAR mediation groups led by Matsanga Nyekorach, Martin Ojul and Yusuf Adek of amassing wealth and called for the delegations to be disbanded for stalling the signing of the final peace agreement and misinforming Kony.


2,000 demonstrators marched in the streets of Isiro, DRC, protesting over the recent LRA incursions in the area.


Paicho sub-county chief Walter Laker states that sanitation and hygiene in areas where the former internally displaced persons have returned is “poor and requires immediate attention.” He was referring to the vast number of water sources that have been contaminated by human waste throughout the region.


Nineteen-year-old Simon Woko-rac, a.k.a Gen. Batak, the leader of the notorious ‘Tumbafu squad’, which had been terrorizing communities, causing strikes and planning to burn schools in Gulu and Amuru districts, surrenders to Rev. Willy Akena of the Church of Uganda in Gulu.


Sept. 23/08


7 former LRA commanders, including Lt. Col. Opio Makasi, underwent traditional Acholi cleansing by stepping on chicken eggs at Ker-Kwaro Acholi palace. The UPDF 4th Division commander, Brig. Charles Otema and Gulu RDC, Col. Walter Ochora stated at the event that “Kony is a liar” and that he is not committed to the peace talks.


Archbishop of Gulu Archdiocese and Chairman of ARLPI, John Baptist Odama, knelt down before former LRA rebels at a traditional cleansing ceremony and pleaded for forgiveness in case he had wronged them. He was referring to the roles that the religious leaders have been playing to bring a non-violent resolution to the war.  


Sept. 24th/08


Caritas, a Catholic NGO, stated over the UN-run Radio station, Okapi that it had registered 75,000 displaced people in Dungu, DRC. The displaced are reported to have been fleeing their homes due to LRA incursions in the area.


Sept. 25th/08


Rebel spokesperson David Nyekorach-Matsanga makes a statement denying LRA involvement in recent attacks in South Sudan and the DRC. He stated, "the recent media reports of LRA attacks are fabricated and dangerous imaginations formulated by those bent on stifling the current peace process between Uganda and LRA.”


Information for Youth Empowerment Programme made a donation of goats, pigs and chicken to over 390 formerly abducted children in Omoro and Aswa counties. The children were organized into groups of 30, with each group receiving three goats, three pigs and three chicken.


Sept 26th/08


The director of State Sudanese Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Committee (SRRC) in Southern Sudan states that, “tenths of hundreds of Congolese refugees fled their villages in the Democratic Republic of Congo” and entered neighboring Sudan due to LRA attacks. 


Sept 28th/08


At the Peace Summit in Pader district, the retired Bishop of Kitgum Diocese, Baker Ochola, said the ICC has no goodwill for the people of northern Uganda and should not be allowed to operate in the country “if they cannot compromise with the people’s demand for trying Kony and his other commanders in Uganda through the traditional justice system.”


The Acholi Parliamentary Group agreed to seek a court injunction to halt the Government of Uganda’s Peace, Recovery and Development Plan (PRDP) for northern Uganda, claiming its implementation is vague.


Sept. 29th/08


Three people including a school girl were killed in Kaabong during a Karimojong inter-ethnic cattle raid involving armed Jie and Dodoth warriors. The Jie warriors, who launched the attack, made off with 85 head of cattle.




Ugandan Minister for Disaster Preparedness Tarsis Kabwegyere states that Uganda's Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) should be starved into accepting peace negotiations. He called for all Aid agencies to stop supplying food to the rebels.


Oct 2nd/08


David Matsanga states to the press that, “At the moment the conditions are not very conducive for general Joseph Kony to settle down and sign an agreement because he is being attacked by MONUC (United Nations mission in DRC) and some elements of the DRC. We cannot sign an agreement when we are under an attack, and which we are defending ourselves against. And we have said it that we are serious about the peace process."


Police issue a terror alert for Uganda and increase security at hotels, taxi parks, bus stations, shopping malls, markets, government installations and foreign embassies. The warning comes two months after the Kenyan Police confiscated a laptop belonging to Fazul Abdul Mohammed, al-Qaeda’s East Africa linkman and suspected mastermind behind the 1998 US embassy bombings in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam. It was reported that Fazul wanted to ‘punish’ Uganda for their role in Somalia.


Oct 3rd/08


The Child Soldiers’ Accountability Act of 2008 is signed by United States President George Bush. The law makes it a federal crime to recruit knowingly or to use soldiers under the age of 15 and permits the United States to prosecute any individual on US soil for the offence, even if the children were recruited or served as soldiers outside the United States. Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, in his 2003 -2006 reports to the Security Council, cited the LRA, UPDF, and local defense as groups that have violated the international law prohibiting the recruitment and use of child soldiers making it possible for all to be tried under this act for a maximum sentence of 20 years or up to life in prison if their action resulted in the child’s death..


Oct 8th/08


The South Sudan President, Gen. Salva Kiir told his National Assembly in Juba that the wait for Kony to sign the peace deal should not be indefinite. Gen. Kiir stressed for, “a definitive time frame for concluding these protracted peace talks so that we could explore other options.”


Oct 9th/08

In a statement made to the media, the Chief mediator in the peace talks Dr Riek Machar, states that he has disbanded the Cessation of Hostilities Monitoring Team (CHMT) over rising costs. He said without the signature of the FPA and despite the invaluable contribution of the CHMT to the peace talks in Juba, it will not be possible for the government of southern Sudan to shoulder the continuing costs of keeping the team operation.

Eighty one confiscated illegal guns were burnt as part of the Independence Day celebrations held at the Boma Grounds in Nakapiripirit District, Karamoja.

Oct 10th/08 

Five armed Jie warriors ambushed a double-cabin pick-up truck traveling from Lira to Kaabong district seriously injuring a passenger. The driver of the truck and another passenger escaped unhurt. 


Oct 14th/08


The minister for foreign affairs, Okello Oryem states that Joseph Kony has failed to sign the Juba Final Peace Agreement because he is being ill advised by the chief LRA negotiator David Matsanga Nyekoratch. Meanwhile, Matsanga has blamed the government for setting tough conditions on the LRA to sign the agreement and the failure to ask for the suspension of the ICC indictments on the LRA top leaders.


Oct 17th/08


Judges at the ICC  have asked for more evience before deciding whether to issue an arrest warrant against Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir over war crimes allegedly committed in Darfur. ICC Cheif Prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo has ben given a month to provide more evidence.


Oct 20th/08


287 internally displace persons (IDPs) evicted from Nsazi Island in Mukono district were repatriated back home to Lango and Acholi sub-regions. The 53 familes had settled there after fleeing the violence of the war and had been evicted on July 15th for using illegal fishing nets.


Oct 21/08


At least 5,180 Congolese refugees enter Uganda after attacks on their villages believed to be by the LRA. Roberta Russo, UNHCR’s external relations officer stated that 1800 refugees arrived at Nakivale refugee camp in Isingiro district while 4000 more are staying in various villages in Kisoro district.


ICC requests the DRC to provide detailed information by November 17th, 2008 regarding the measures they have taken to execute the arrest warrants for the members of the LRA indicted by the court. ICC had asked Kinshasa in September of 2005 to make the arrests and warned that it could legally make an adverse finding against a member state that fails to cooperate.


A UPDF operation against a group of thugs who have been terrorizing Lira, Pader and Kitgum districts has netted three UPDF soldiers and a local defense unit personnel. The soldiers are suspected to have been ambushing civilian vehicles and terrorizing the communities who had returned from the internally displaced people’s camps.


A statement to Parliament by the Internal Affairs permanent secretary, Dr Patrick Kagoda, reports that the LRA has abducted 30,000 children and sold them to warlords in Darfur, Sudan.  In response, LRA peace delegation chairman David Nyekorach Matsanga stated, “These accusations are not only fake but are an embarrassing episode to President Omar Bashir of Sudan whose country these accusations are labeled at.”


The International Criminal Court (ICC) decides to conduct a pre-trial to determine if it should try the LRA rebels indicted by the ICC or let Uganda’s High Court do so. Jens Dieckmann was appointed by the ICC to defend Kony and his commanders in the pre-trial. The decision to do so came after the judges received information on the Juba Peace Talks Agreement on Accountability and Reconciliation between the Government and the rebels signed on June 29 last year.


Oct 22/08


LRA rejects use of Ri-kwangba, on the Sudan-DR Congo border as a designated assembly point claiming it is not safe for their leader, Joseph Kony. LRA peace delegation chairman David Nyekorach Matsanga said the international community and the UN Envoy for the LRA affected areas, Mr Joachim Chissano must find a new location.


UPDF  kill five Jie warriors at Loakuju sub-county in Kaabong district recovering five guns and 23 bullets. 3rd Division spokesperson, Capt. Henry Obbo, said the five armed warriors and 10 others were returning to Kotido district at dawn with 150 head of cattle they had raided from the Dodoth in Kaabong.


Oct 25/08


Approximately 2000 participants take part in Guluwalk, a Canadian initiated campaign to bring awareness of the plight of northern Uganda to international attention. The event took place in Gulu and was officiated over by ARLPI’s chairman, Archbishop Odama.


Oct 27/08


The Ugandan government, ICC prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo and the lawyer appointed to defend Kony in Jens Dieckmann have been invited to submit views on regarding the ICC pre-trial by November 10.


Oct 28/08


Father Kinalegu of the DRC states, “All the authorities in Haut-Uele province (DRC) made a declaration that the Congolese government should collect evidence of what is happening, and give it to the ICC so that the LRA can be prosecuted for what is happening in the area.”


Oct 30/08


Uganda’s education minister, Namirembe Bitamazire states that the Government will spend sh1.8b to revitalize education in northern Uganda. Some of the challenges to education include lack of infrastructure, difficulty in managing expansion, lack of quality of education, lack of instruction material, and limited professional development and capacity building opportunities.


Four civilians were reportedly shot dead and two others injured by Karimojong warriors of Pien ethnic origin in Iriiri Sub-county in Moroto District. The attack comes barely four months after Moroto had registered 52 killings in a single month through ethnic clashes between the Pien, Bokora and Matheniko.


Oct 31/08

Oyam South MP Ishaa Otto has accused the Lands Minister, Daniel Omara Atubo, of grabbing land belonging to the Internally Displaced Persons. He stated that at least 138 families were left homeless after Mr Atubo fenced off an estimated 30 acres in Nora village in Aber Sub-country to do private farming. Mr Atubo conceded owning land in the area, but denied any wrongdoing.

A soldier was killed and 12 others sustained minor injuries in an ambush in Loputuk village near Moroto town, while pursuing cattle rustlers, reports 403rd Brigade commander, Olandason Wanyama.

Over 6000 Congolese refugees, mainly women and children, entered into Uganda through Kanungu District, following intensified fighting between DR government troops and renegade Gen. Laurent Nkunda’s forces in the east.

Nov 1/08

Between 30 and 50 LRA fighters attacked the town of Dungu, DRC located at its northern border with Sudan. Nine people were killed 50,000 forced to flee the town.

Nov 5/08

The UN special envoy to Lord’s Resistance Army-affected areas, Joachim Chissano, calls for a meeting in Kampala to restart the stalled Juba peace-talks. The meeting is to be attended by representatives of the Government, rebels, mediators, parliamentarians, religious and cultural leaders, civil society organizations and donors to discuss a way forward for the stalled talks.


Uganda's government warns the LRA that their leader must sign the final peace agreeement or face unspecified measures.


Amuru district leaders appeal to the Government to compensate internally displaced persons (IDPs) for their crops, life and property being destroyed by elephants that invaded the villages bordering Murchison National Game Park.


Gender equality activists express concern to the media over the rapid declining enrolment of girls at higher institutions of learning in northern Uganda compared to their male counterparts. Remarks came after the Gulu District Gender Officer, Ms Christine Akumu, stated that only a single girl candidate is sitting this year’s Advanced Level examinations outside the municipality.


At least 17 people are confirmed dead in Amuru after an unknown disease struck the district three months ago and left scores bed ridden. The disease that was first believed to be malaria broke out in Omee One and Omee Two resettlement camps, Amuru Sub-county but has since spread to Alero, Parabongo, Awer and Olwal camps.


Nov 6/08


Sudan convened a stakeholders consultative conference to discuss the future of the stalled peace process between the Uganda government and the Lord’s Resistance Army in Kampala.

Nov 7/08

Following a meeting of stakeholders in the Juba Peace Talks, Dr. Riek Machar tells the media, "We strongly urge the LRA to desist from carrying out any attacks ... and unconditionally sign the final peace agreement by the end of November.” Kony is also called to immediately gather his fighters at Ri-Kwangba, the designated assembly point under the negotiated pact. No specification was made of what action they might take if their deadline is not met, though countries in the region have threatened a joint military operation against the LRA.


Nov 13/08


 The Education department of Gulu District reports that it losses at least five school teachers to HIV/Aids and other related illnesses on a monthly basis.


Nov 21/08


Uganda is chosen to host an ICC revision conference of the Rome Statute in 2010.


Nov 24/08


A vehicle is ambushed by a single armed man at Angola Bridge in Kona-Kilak in Pader district.


UPDF 5th division court martial in Pader has sentenced two UPDF soldiers to prison. The court, chaired by Col. Eric Mukasa Bwambale, sentenced Pte. Bwambale Mutima to 10 years for manslaughter and Pte. Sam Emaru to eight years for desertion and failure to protect military materials. Prosecutor Lt. James Kasule said Bwambale shot dead Sergeant Jamil Olinga on May 7 at the division headquarters at Achol-Pii. Meanwhile, the army and other security agencies are hunting for a UPDF deserter, Jasper Ogal suspected to be among armed thugs ambushing vehicles on the Kitgum-Lira road.


Nov 25/08


A group of residents from Nwoya County in Amuru District led by MP Simon Oyet have secured a court order stopping any transactions on land in Amuru District. The dispute arose over 40,000 acres of land that was to be given by the government to the Madhivani group to grow sugarcane.


In Lakang Camp, at least 40 huts were burnt in what the authorities have also attributed to conflict over land. The LC5 vice chairperson, Mr Patrick Oryem, said a group of eight unknown men attacked the camp and burnt huts and ‘arrested’ three people whom they accused of organizing the camp people not to return to their homes.


Nov 26/08


The Uganda Peoples Defence Forces have recovered 57 guns plus 1,300 rounds of ammunition in Teso sub-region over the last six months. According to the UPDF 3rd division spokes person, Capt. Henry Obbo, the guns were recovered from the districts of Amuria, Kumi, Soroti and Katakwi. 13 of the 57 guns and 292 rounds of ammunition were the latest recoveries made in Amuria.

It is reported that the UPDF  shot and killed a woman and her baby as she collected firewood from a kraal in Moroto. Ms Lele Loilo and her eight-months-old baby were killed last week as she collected firewood from a communal protected kraal. UPDF 3rd division spokesman Henry Obbo said the woman was killed as she pulled out some thorns used to protect the animals in the kraal when the sentries [UPDF guarding the communal kraals] mistook her for a raider and shot at her, killing her instantly.

Nov 29/08

Kony fails to attend the final signing of the Juba Peace Talks Agreement in Ri-Kwangba. Some report his failure to show up is a result of fear of arrest to face prosecution over war crimes as indicted by the ICC.

Kony meets with ARLPI Chairman, Archbishop John Baptist Odama and Acholi paramount chief, Rwot David Acana in Garamba.

Nov 30/08

A 53-year-old man was found murdered in Maj. Gen. Julius Oketta’s farm in Apar Alii 11 Omee village in Amuru District. The deceased is suspected to have been picked from his house by unidentified people, killed and dumped at Gen. Oketta’s farm. The motive is thought to be over land as Amuru and Pabbo have been involved in a bitter land dispute.

Dec 1/08

The government denies grabbing land in northern Uganda and backs the allocation of the controversial Amuru land to Madhvani group to grow sugarcane among other private individuals. Acholi MPs insist that the land government wants to allocate to investors belongs to the people who have been struggling in displaced camps for over years.

Religious and other leaders give a briefing of what transpired during the meeting between Kony at Garamba in Congo. The team said threats against Kony from people in Uganda and the Diaspora delayed the signing of the deal. Riek Machar also confirmed that Kony said he would not sign the final agreement if the ICC warrants remain.

Defense state minister Ruth Nankabirwa states that a summit of presidents of the countries in the region, convened by the chief mediator, Dr. Riek Machar, would advise on the talks and the fate of Kony over the weekend.

Dec 2/08

It is reported that Donor funds for 2007/08 were at Shs964, 409,788 which was far less than the more than Shs2 billion in the 2006/07 financial year.

An un-named official reports that Kony told them as leaders from the Acholi sub-region on Sunday, to stop individuals collecting money in his name. “Kony was not happy that some people were getting rich in the name of the Juba peace talks, and said he wants to reconstitute his delegation to the negotiations to handle the issue of the ICC indictments afresh,” said the source.

Dec 8/08

President Yoweri Museveni agrees in a meeting with Chief mediator Riek Machar in Kampala to have a direct phone conversation with Kony. In 2005 the President offered his State House hotline to Kony through the LRA negotiating team but  Kony snubbed the phone-negotiating move. Museveni also promised that Kony will not be taken to the ICC  upon signing of the final peace agreement.

Amnesty Commission releases a report stating that the Government has granted amnesty to 22,930 former rebels under the Amnesty Act since 2003.

Dec 9/08

Ugandan defense minister Ruth Nankabirwa questions the DRC about their failure to stop LRA activity in its country. The query was given during a meeting with defense ministers from the tri-partite plus nations, a regional grouping tasked with promoting peace in the Great Lakes region, held in Kigali, Rwanda.

Dec 10/08

Alero and Purongo sub-county leaders in Amuru district petition the education ministry to turn the temporary structures left in the internally displaced people’s camps into secondary schools. Currently children from Alero subcounty have to walk for about 12km to Koch-Goma Secondary School, which is the nearest.

It is reported that the army and the police have been deployed in Orom subcounty at the Kitgum-Kotido border to protect residents from the threat of Karimojong warriors. The warriors are preparing to go to the neighboring districts to graze and water their animals during the dry season. In past years, this time of year has seen a dramatic increase in violent cattle raids.

A new Foundation for Human Rights Initiative survey released reveals that freedom of speech is the most violated right in Uganda followed by the right to life.

Dec 12/08

Dr. Rugunda is appointed Uganda’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations in New York.

Dec 13/08

The foreign ministers from Burundi, DR Congo, Rwanda and Uganda who make up the Tripartite Plus Joint Commission have called on the UN Security council to impose travel and financial sanctions on the leaders of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and the Allied Defence Forces.

Dec 14/08

Operation Lightning Thunder,” begins ending the 29 month ceasefire between  the Government of Uganda and the LRA. The regional military action consisting of UPDF, DRC (FARDC) and SPLA attacked the LRA main camp codenamed ‘camp Swahili’. No casualties could be confirmed.

Regarding “Operation Lightning Thunder,” Capt. Chris Magezi spoke from Dungu, DR Congo stating, “The operation in on until we achieve our objective to destroy the LRA and capture rebel leaders Joseph Kony.”

2 LRA fighters reported as having surrendered to Congolese forces in Kilwa, DR Congo.

Dec 15/08

Addressing the FDC weekly briefing at Najjanankumbi, spokesperson Walfula Oguttu said the attacks on the LRA were unconstitutional because it has not been sanctioned by Parliament.

Acholi Parliamentary Group has asked Uganda, DR Congo and South Sudan to immediately halt the offensive against LRA rebels and have called for both parties to go back to the negotiating table.

UPDF spokesperson, Maj. Paddy Ankunda told Reuters News Agency that the army had, “reliable intelligence that the LRA was preparing to attack Uganda.”

Dec 16/08

UPDF and foreign allies drop thousands of leaflets by planes in LRA inhabited areas urging the rebel fighters to surrender. Capt. Chris Magezi stated that the messages encouraged fighters to take amnesty.

Dec 17/08

The UPDF and foreign allies in the third day of military strikes have launched massive propaganda campaign dropping thousands of leaflets by planes in northeastern Eastern with messages urging the Lords Resistance Army fighters to surrender. “We have prepared flyers for airdrops and we are dropping these flyers in those areas. The message is ‘come out of the bush, amnesty is there.’ We tell them (rebel fighters) that the world is willing to receive them because they were in the hands of a criminal,”  Capt. Chris Magezi, the spokesman for the UPDF code-named “Lighting Thunder.”

The Acholi cultural institution, Ker Kwaro Acholi, states it will use sh60m to conduct traditional cleansing rituals on the remains of the victims of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) rebels in 12 subcounties in Gulu and Amuru districts. The move follows complaints by people that they were being haunted by ghosts. There are about 540 sites where LRA massacres took place in Gulu, Pader, Kitgum and Amuru districts.

Commander of “Operation Lightning Thinder,” Brig. Patrick Kankiriho inspects LRA camps attacked by regional forces. “The trail of blood and abandoned possessions showed the rebels suffered a deadly blow” he said.

8 LRA abductees reported rescued since regional attacks on LRA began (Dec 14, 2008).

Dec 23/08

President Yoweri Museveni tells a press that Kony would have been killed had he not tapped the UPDF radio, and got prior information about the December 14 strikes.


Dec 31/08


ARLPI holds it's Annual Peace Prayers in Kitgum. This years theme was: "Peace through reconciliation and development."

Jan 1/09

Dr. Rugunda starts as Uganda’s Permanent Representative to the UN. He will sit on the Security Council for 2 years.

Jan 5/08

It is reported that Rebels killed 20 people at a park ranger station in northeast Congo after 50 LRA attacked the headquarters of the Garamba National Park in Megero, DRC.

Local officials report that on two separate attacks on January 4th, 2009, LRA gunmen raided a protestant mission in Napopo and attacked Laso, a village in Sudan. No casualties were confirmed.

Jan 6/09

It is reported that 20 LRA have surrendered to the Congolese army since the fighting resumed on Dec 14, 2008.

It is reported that 3 days earlier, Congolese forces and park rangers kill 10 LRA rebels in a 4 hour battle at Megero airstrip, northeast DR Congo.

UNHCR  reports that 225 people have been displaced from Faradje, 160 children kidnapped, and more than 80 women raped after the LRA attacked the towns of Faradje and Tadu where rebels massacred about 100 civilians over Christmas.

Jan 9/09

The government announces this week that the Peace, Recovery, Development Plan (PRDP) would be suspended this financial year to enable its technical team polish its structure and strategy. Some reports cite it is because of a failure for the government to raise the 30% of the funding which it promised to provide for implementation.

Jan 11/09

This week, South Sudan Vice President, Dr Riek Machar, rejected pleas by Western Equatoria state leaders for government to arm civilians in the state to defend themselves against the LRA rebels.




A World Food Programme truck traveling from Juba to Gulu was showered with bullets by an unidentified gunman, police have said. The attack occurred around 8pm. According to Police, no injury or looting took place.


Jan 13/09


MP Mr William Nokrach states that thousands of people living with disabilities in northern Uganda are still stuck in camps for the displaced despite the ongoing resettlement process.

LC3 chairman Mr Chris Owen Okoya, for Palaro Sub-county, Gulu District confirms the presence of the gunmen in the sub-county that borders Sudan. Gunmen opened fire at the residents last week who had returned to their homes in Kiteng village. There were no injuries. Residents said the gunmen were first detected in the area on December 24, 2008.

Jan 16/09


Operations commander, Brig. Patrick Kankiriho states UPDF have captured 100 LRA guns, killed 40 rebels, and rescued over 20 abductees in the last 30 days.


District UPC chairman, Mr Dan Okello, accuses the government for delaying the Peace, Recovery and Development Plan (PRDP) citing funds meant for rebuilding northern Uganda were diverted to facilitate the renewed offensive against the Lord’s Resistance Army rebels.

Jan 20/09

Human Rights Organization reports that the LRA are suspected to have executed 16 South Sudanese who were recently abducted. According to the Sudan Tribune, the 16 bodies of civilians were found in the Western Equatoria state (WES) by the SPLA. The number of people killed in the raids to be 640.

Jan 21/09

Leaders in Pader District have ruled out any possible negotiation with the Karimojong communities until the disarmament processes is finalized. This followed a meeting of representatives from Moroto, Kitgum and Pader early last week.

Jan 22/09

Defence Minister Crispus Kiyonga and the Chief of Defence Forces, Gen. Aronda Nyakairima scheduled to update the House after being summonded by Parliament to explain the direction of the UPDF military operation against the Lord’s Resistance Army rebels in Congo.

Jan 19/09

UPDF intercepts LRA under Okot Odhiambo killing 12 rebels and rescuing 2 abductees.

Jan 22/09

UPDF rescued a pregnant Congolese girl abducted by the LRA who immediately went into labor under the care of the army doctors before she was handed to Unicef in Dungu.

A combination of UPDF fighter jets and attack helicopters rained rockets on suspected LRA hideouts in DRC from Sunday to Tuesday killing at least 11 LRA, Capt. Deo Akiiki of the UPDF reports. LRA food stores were also uncovered.

The Supreme Court has refused to outlaw the death penalty. However, the court said once the death sentence is confirmed, the condemned person should either be executed within three years or his sentence commuted to life.

Jan 23/09

UPDF troops attack rebels under command of  Dominic Ongwen along the Sudan-DRC border killing 10 LRA. Brig. Kaqnkiriho sates that 5 abductees were rescued including a two month old baby and its mother.

Jan 26/09

UN and other humanitarian agencies report that 640 civilians have been killed during Operation Lightning Thunder, mostly from the DRC.

Jan 27/09

The Daily Monitor reports that some top LRA rebels have contacted the UPDF communicating their wish to surrender.

Capt. Deo Akiiki in a progress report of Operation Lightning Thunder sent to the media states that forces have so far killed over 100 LRA fighters, rescued 45 abductees including 18 Ugandans. It is also reported that the UPDF have lost a jet fighter plane, a pilot and two soldiers. 3 other UPDF have also been injured in the course of the fighting.

UN reports an attack by 13 suspected LRA rebels on the remote village of Tora which killed at least 100 civilians.

Referring to Operation Lightning Thunder, Pierrette Vu Thi, representative of Unicef in the DRC states, “More people have been killed over the last few weeks in Haut-Uele than over the last 6 months in North Kivu.”

Jan 29/09

Okot Odhiambo, LRA second in command is reported to have contacted the NGO, IOM to negotiate his surrender on the condition that he would be eligible for amnesty and not be arrested by the ICC.

UN, Congolese and Ugandan officials report that the LRA force is believed to consist of about 800-1000 rebels who have broken up into small groups.

Jan 30/09

LRA Maj. Okello Opore dies from bullet woulds in custody in Operation Lightning Thunders base in Dungu, DRC. Opore was Okot Odhiambo’s second in command.

Jan 31/09

Museveni briefs the Great Lakes region leaders about the on-going operation against the LRA at the 12th African Union Summit.

Feb 4/09

Medicins Sans Frontieres (MSF) states that UN peacekeepers had shown ‘inaction’ to protect civilians against LRA attacks in DRC citing that around 900 civilians have been massacred since the beginning of Operation Lightning Thunder (Dec 14/08). The UN rejected the accusation stating that the “primary responsibility for protecting civilians lay with the government” which UN peacekeepers (MONUC) are mandated to support.

Parliament throws out the report on the progress of the Peace, Recovery, and Development Plan (PRDP) after the State Minister for Northern Uganda, Mr. David Wakikona failed to convince the house that leaders from the region had been consulted during its compilation.

Feb 5/09

The New Vision reports that the LRA second in command, Okot Odhiambo is still in hiding despite previous reports that he surrendered. In response to criticism that it was ‘obstructing justice’ by helping an international criminal, the NGO, IOM states it will act as an observer if Odhiambo does indeed surrender.

Maj. Gen. Kale Kayihura, the inspector of the police appears before the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee stating that 2409 cases of police crimes were reported and investigated by the newly-created Professional Standards Unit (PSU) between July 2007 and December 2008.