Ugandan Youth Recruited in to the Allied Democratic Front

Joyce Namutebi and Mary Karugaba                                                                                                                                 1 September 2011
YOUNG people from Uganda are being taken into jungles in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo for recruitment into the Allied Democratic Front (ADF).

Defence minister Dr. Crispus Kiyonga told Parliament yesterday while reacting to a report by the committee on defence and internal affairs.

He was answering questions about the sh1.394 trillion supplementary request under classified expenditure for purchase of aircrafts.


Kiyonga said Uganda was still facing internal, regional and global threats.

"Although the ADF was defeated, they are still operating in the Rwenzori sub-region," he said.

Kiyonga added that the ADF remnants, including their leaders were hiding in the Congo forests.

He said the ADF had built a fairly strong force and the Congolese government had failed to eliminate them.

He added that the ADF intended to launch another attack on Uganda.

On LRA, he said their leader Joseph Kony was still alive and that they had split into groups.


Kiyonga said Uganda was still facing internal, regional and global threats.

Other threats to the country, he added include the al-Shabaab and international terrorists.

The ministry, Kiyonga added, has drawn up a five-year defence sector infrastructure investment plan to give some decency to the troops.

He, however, pointed out that for two years now they had failed to implement it hence the persisting poor accommodation for Police and army officers.

Lulume Bayiga (DP) demanded that parliament should be informed about who the supplier of the fighter jets was in order to do a value for money audit.