Strengthening Community Reconciliation (SCORP)

The relative calm being experienced is being challenged by emerging community conflict attributed to two decades war in northern region. As community members continue the process of return and resettlement, many have focused solely on rebuilding their economic livelihood and have neglected to address deep rooted animosities resulting in the re-emergence of violence when conflict arises.

To respond to this situation ARLPI has initiated a project with the overall objective of having an empowered and reconciled community who will resolve conflicts both collectively and non-violently.

To meet such an objective, this project seeks to bring about a better understanding of dialogue and reconciliation and to create a safe space for people to openly share their experiences for the purpose of healing.

The project has been piloted in 2 sub counties of Kitgum (Mucwinin) and Gulu (Odek) where a lot of atrocities were committed during the conflict.