Lwo Folklore/Folktales (The Cartoon Project)




The Lwo Community has an Informal School where knowledge and wisdom is imparted to the children of the Village from generation to generation through Lwo Folklore, by the Grandmothers who would be assisted by both young married men and women in the Village.
This informal education was given by the grandmothers who were the only mandated professors to impart knowledge and wisdom to the young ones from generation to generation.  This Informal School was held at the grandmother's Courtyard at 'Wang-mac' (Fire-place) where women and young girls and children all shared their evening meals together.  On the other hand, both men and young boys used to share their evening meals together at a central place called 'Wang-oo' (Fire-place).
However, after the evening meals, all the children of the Village, both boys and girls, would be invited to attend the Informal School at the grandmother's Courtyard at Wang-mac, where knowledge and wisdom of the Lwo people was passed on to the young ones, through telling them the Lwo Folklore.  Informal education, therefore, helps both young and old people to look at life in a panorama, in order to know all the key players or actors in every event that takes place around them in the world. This is, indeed, the significance of the Lwo Folklore, which we would love to share with all the different peoples of the World, as a special gift from the Lwo Community of Northern Uganda and with the blessing of the Jok (God) who is the source of life and the giver of everything entrusted under our care, as human beings.
Home stead or Village was a place where people highly appreciated their own identity, as one people, the living-dead, the living, and the yet-unborn, in the presence of the Jok (God) who sits on top of the echelons of the jogi (small gods).  Our identity, as a people, makes the entire people of the Village to identify themselves with the land, as one people, past, present, and future, and with the Jok, as the source of life and everything both visible and invisible in the Universe. The land therefore is the mother of every human beings, a loving mother who feeds and cares for all her children born on this earth. However, when we die the motherland swallows every one of us back to her womb with a lot of love and care. That is the very reason why the Lwo people are very much tied to the land as their dear mother.
Homestead or Village, therefore, was a place where human life, human dignity, and human rights of every human person, was highly respected and protected, by the Lwo culture.
To reach out the global audience at all levels
To preserve and secure the Lwo cultural values, wisdom and knowledge  
Sharing of Lwo cultural values, wisdom and knowledge with the global community through global circulation of the Lwo Folklore
Objectives of the Project:

Primary Objective                 

1.      To freely make available the source of wisdom and knowledge of the central Lwo people of Northern Uganda for the benefit of the whole world

2.      To share the wealth of wisdom and knowledge of the central Lwo people of Northern Uganda with the children of the Global community, through Lwo Folklore

3.      To educationally empower the children of the global community or village, through Lwo Folklore to see life in a panorama. This helps every child to know every key player or actor in every event that takes place around us through out the world.
 What we hope to achieve;
            1. To develop cartoons to accompany the texted or printed stories 
            2. To publish cartoons in formats suitable for use in schools at all levels
            3. Audio recordings to be edited and formatted for use as stand alone resources to compliment but not rely on printed versions
            4. Audio recordings and cartoons are to be combined to create video versions for inclusion on a centralized project website
            5. To develop TV cartoons and books for schools, colleges, Universities for all ages