SEPTEMBER 3, 2010: Radio Appeals and Banner for Disarmament of LRA

Radio Appeals and Banner for Disarmament of LRA

SOURCE: Missionary International Service News Agency (MISNA)

Civil society in the DR Congo, Central African Republic, Sudan and Uganda are proposing to broadcast messages to incite the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) to put down their weapons and surrender. This rather optimistic (at best) idea aims to get a group, the LRA, responsible for all kinds of violence and the most outmost contempt for human life - kidnapping, vandalism, murder - to surrender based on radio appeals. The appeals, say the organizers of the initiative, said that it is necessary to let the militiamen (or bandits, in fact) know that there is a disarmament and reintegration program in place, which can help them. The representatives of the local communities suffering from the LRA threat said that apart from the radio appeals, broadcast in various languages, said that it might also be a good idea to put up large billboards featuring this message. After almost 20 years for pointless violence in northern Uganda and the failure of the so-called 'peace talks', the LRA has crossed borders and broken up into smaller groups, which have for almost two years been moving around the forests of DR Congo, southern CAR and southwestern Sudan. In the past few months, there has also been an increase in the number of LRA kidnappings of teen agers to fuel the so-called rebellion and regain strength, The US senate announced, a few months ago, that it would offer military aid to these countries to help defeat the LRA, though no aid has yet materialized; in August CAR asked France for help.

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