SEPTEMBER 23, 2009: Terrorism Law Being Misused

Terrorism Law Being Misused

SOURCE: The Observer


Kampala — Twenty-nine of the hundreds of suspects arrested in connection with last week's riots in Kampala and other urban areas in Buganda, have been charged with terrorism. The choice of the terrorism charge against individuals alleged to have burnt down Nateete Police Station during the riots has been questioned by lawyers and other people alike.

 It seems the government is finding the anti-terrorism law very convenient in dealing with offences that otherwise don't suit the international definition of the word terrorism. To be precise, the government is trying to use the law against its opponents, real or perceived.

However, using the law made for terrorists against people who allegedly participated in the recent riots and ended up burning a Police station is tantamount to abuse of power by the Police and the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

The otherwise serious law is taken so lightly that it has now become common for people with divergent views from those of the NRM government to be labeled or even framed as terrorists...

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