SEPTEMBER 17, 2009: Minister Defends Army Role in Riots

Minister Defends Army's Role in Riots

SOURCE: New Vision

By Steven Candia

Kampala — The army was called in to quell last week's riots because the Police was overwhelmed, the internal affairs state minister has said.

Matia Kasaija explained that at the time trouble flared up in Kampala, the Police had insufficient officers "to man each and every corner".

He added that back-up from the soldiers was inevitable due to the 'immobility' of the Police as a result of transport constraints.

"We asked the army to come in. The Police needed to be reinforced. The problem was real. It was a big challenge," Kasaija told journalists at the ministry headquarters in Kampala yesterday.

He noted that the Government would not scale down security deployments in the city, saying some people were bent on causing trouble.

"The intelligence that is coming through is that there are people who still want to cause trouble and we will not allow that to happen," the minister said...

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