SEPTEMBER 13, 2010: Cardinal Wamala Calls for Dialogue Between Muslims and Christians

Cardinal Wamala Calls for Dialogue Between Muslims and Christians

SOURCE: The Monitor

By Stephen Otage

Christians and Muslims should use dialogue as a problem-solving mechanism, Cardinal Emmanuel Wamala has said. He made the appeal on Friday at a dinner hosted for a team of Catholic clergy by the Turkish Community in Uganda to celebrate Id-el-Fitr in Kampala. "I am very happy to be here today celebrating Idd with our Muslim brothers. This is a visible spirit of co-operation, unity and love," he said in a press interview.

Earlier, the cardinal said when people hear the word Muslim, what rings in their minds first is terrorism, which he said is wrong. The cardinal appealed to Turks in Uganda to follow and spread the message of love, tolerance and dialogue being spread by Fethullah Gulen, a Turkish preacher living in Pennsylvania, USA.

Mr Ejedr Kilic, the chairperson of the Nile Humanitarian Organisation, an NGO managed by Turks in Uganda, said they are promoting education and fighting poverty to strengthen the fabric of humanity. The group invited cardinal Wamala and Ugandan clerics to visit Turkey which is believed to be the cradle of religion in the world.

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