SEPTEMBER 11, 2009: 100 LRA Abductees Rescued

100 LRA Abductees Rescued in Central African Republic

Source: Resolve Uganda

This week, Ugandan army forces chasing LRA fighters in Central African Republic rescued approximately 100 civilians abducted by the rebel group over the past year, and apprehended a senior rebel commander.

Associated Press has the report: "An army spokesman says Ugandan forces have rescued 100 kidnapped children and young adults during an operation against a brutal Ugandan rebel group in neighboring Central African Republic. Lt. Col. Felix Kulaigye says Ugandan forces also captured a senior commander from the Lord's Resistance Army."

With the LRA's expansion into the Central African Republic over the past two months, the country's government recently joined the governments of South Sudan and DR Congo in allowing Ugandan forces to pursue LRA fighters in their territory (see a map here). LRA violence and abductions continue to escalate in the region; the rebel group has killed at least 1200 people and abducted nearly 2000 in the past year.

While the report of rescued abductees is of course great news, Resolve Uganda has serious concerns about the impact of ongoing Ugandan-led military operations against the LRA on the safety of civilians in the region, and continue to press the Obama Administration to take stronger leadership to protect civilians and end LRA violence.