SEPTEMBER 10, 2010: Bishops call for action against LRA

Bishops call for action against LRA

SOURCE: BBC World Service

Note: To hear the audio interview of Bishop Eduardo Hiiboro Kussala please click through the URL link at the bottom.

The Ugandan Lord's Resistance Army rebel group has been terrorising communities and abducting children not only in northern Uganda, where they originated, but also across the region in the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Sudan.

This week the Church has got involved and Bishops have been meeting in the Western Equatoria region of Sudan to come up with an action plan.

The region has of late, been subjected to increased attacks by the LRA.

One of the organisers of the conference is Eduardo Hiiboro Kussala, the Bishop of Tambura-Yambio in Sudan and BBC Focus on Africa's Peter Ndoro spoke to him as the conference was ending.

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