Pursuing Peaceful Means to End the LRA Conflict: ARLPI Recommendations

APRIL 2010

Since 1997, the Acholi Religious Leaders Peace Initiative (ARLPI) has been urging the conflicting parties to engage in dialogue in order to resolve the conflict between the Government of Uganda (GoU) and the Lords Resistance Army (LRA) that has grossly affected the civilian population of Uganda and it's neighbours. Despite the achievements made during the 2006 Juba Peace Talks, regional forces once again resumed military action against the LRA which once again failed to meet it's core objective causing the LRA to flee to other regions where to this day, attacks against the civilian population continue unabated.

In response to the further devastation to the civilian population as a result of military action, ARLPI is calling on all stakeholders to re-commit themselves to the non-violent pursuit of sustainable peace.

The report therefore seeks to put forward the challenges which arise from military action as well as recommendations for the various stakeholders involved in the conflict.