Peace Building & Governance Project Review

Acholi Religious Leaders Peace Initiative (ARLPI) and Justice and Peace Commission (JPC) with funding from Conciliation Resources-UK initiated a peace building programme, a goal of which was to increase public participation in policy making and encourage greater government responsiveness and accountability in the region. 

ARLPI started implementing a cross border peace building, advocacy and governance project for a peaceful Northern Uganda and Southern Sudan

With the support from CR, JPC rolled out the community peace building Project in Northern Uganda which covers aspect of Peace Recovery Development Plan (PRDP) and domestic violence

The video covers the impact work of both ARLPI and JPC

We want the audience to understand that the challenges being faced by the community are not in vain. They are being exposed to the different duty bearers and some interventions are being carried out to rectify situations.

Through watching the video we want the audience(s) to appreciate and value how the community have been engaging with the policy makers on PRDP the paralegal and community leaders activities of reducing conflicts in the communities by the use of alternative to dispute mechanisms, cross border dialogues, consultative meetings, and the use of alternative to disputes resolution mechanisms be appreciated as a tool for resolving cross border disputes

There should be a range of actions and attitude shifts from negative to positive resulting from the video. The communities are expected to be more critical and demand for accountability from the government

The District technical teams are to ensure proper implementation of the projects and respond to the concerns of the communities,
  • The political leaders are to formulate policies and involve the masses in the policy making processes
  • The policy makers at the national level are to formulate policies through bringing forward the community concerns in the policy making arena.
  • The civil society organizations are to advocate with the community to ensure better service deliveries
  • The community, leaders and civil society organizations are to work together to promote alternative to dispute resolution as the best strategy of handling conflicts in the communities
  • The cross border communities and the leaders should continue to advocate and dialogue on issues that affect the communities at the shared borders.

ARLPI Project Review