OCTOBER 6, 2010: Gulu Residents Want Compensation For Property Destroyed in War

Gulu Residents Want Compensation For Property Destroyed in War

SOURCE: New Vision

By Chris Ocowun

A total of 192 residents of Kasubi and Kanyagoga parishes in Gulu municipality are demanding compensation worth sh768m from the Government for property which was destroyed during the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) war.

The residents also want the Ministry of Defence to return land currently occupied by Gulu barracks. They have also formed a nine-man committee, headed by Louis Odora, to follow up the demands.

According to Odora, between 1988-1989, the National Resistance Army (NRA) now the UPDF, evicted them from their land and destroyed their crops and houses.

"Many of us fled and took refuge in town," he said, adding that their land around Gulu barracks was taken by the army.

Odora noted that in 1988, they rejected a sh6,190,590 compenstion package, which would have seen the victims getting sh750 to sh184,330.

"On 23rd November, 1992, we wrote back to the district administrator rejecting the sh6m compensation," he explained.

Odora noted that in 1997, the army again asked the residents of Kasubi and Kanyagoga parishes to move at least 600 meters away from the barracks, since they risked being killed during cross-fire with the enemy.

He cited Kasubi Central Primary School, the artillery base, airfield, Kasubi Army Primary School and Gulu Army Secondary School as some of the areas that were occupied by the army.

The regional UPDF spokesman, Capt. Peter Mugisa, advised the group to write to the Ministry of Defence for help.

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