OCTOBER 5, 2009: Local Alcohol Banned in Karamoja

Waragi Banned in Karamoja Over Arms Deal

SOURCE: Monitor

By Andrew Bagala

Police in Karamoja have banned the sale and consumption of packed and locally brewed gin to curb arms trafficking and deaths.

Deputy Police spokesman Richard Musisi, told Daily Monitor that they have received reports and arrested people involved in the gin business as well as dealing in ammunition.

“We found out that some businessmen selling this gin have been hiding ammunitions in jerrycans and selling them to the Karimojong,” he said.
Mr Musisi said after taking the gin the Karimojong warriors attack villages, raid cattle and commit other crimes.

Suspected poisonous gin has left at least 30 people dead and a couple of others blind in different parts of the country...

For the full story, please see: http://www.monitor.co.ug/artman/publish/regional-special/Waragi_banned_in_Karamoja_over_arms_deal_92398.shtml