OCTOBER 4, 2009: 6 IDP Camps to Close in Gulu

Six IDP Camps Closed in Gulu District

SOURCE: New Vision

By Chris Ocowun

THE United Nations Refugee agency has started the closure of six internally displaced persons (IDP) camps in Gulu.
The camps to be closed include, Awoo, Lalogi, Okwir, Awach, St. Thomas and Opit. About 23,000 people are still in the camps in Gulu.

The UN refugee agency has warned landowners where the (IDPs) camps are situated against evicting people still staying in the camps as their closure starts.

Mohamed Godbourdin from UN refugee agency said landlords should give people time to prepare for their return to villages at the launch on Thursday.

“This is the first time we are closing camps in Gulu. In Lira and Oyam districts, we closed 61 camps and 56 in Teso. Only seven are remaining to be closed this month,” he added.

According to Godbourdin, out of the formerly 1.2 million IDPs in Pader, Gulu, Kitgum and Amuru districts, less than 200,000 people are still in the camps. He said those still in the camps were extremely vulnerable.

Gulu district LC5 chairperson, Norbert Mao, said researchers have revealed that 97% of the deaths in the north are due to the poor conditions in the camps.
The rebel activities are responsible for 3% of the deaths.

“There is nothing better than going back home. As we close these camps, we should also remember those who died in the camps,” Mao said...

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