OCTOBER 30, 2010: Première Urgence evaluates humanitarian needs in CAR

Central African Republic: Première Urgence evaluates humanitarian needs following the abuses committed by the Lord Resistance Army in the South-East part of the country

SOURCE: Premiere Urgence

Since October 2009, thousands of people have fled from their villages following the attacks by the Lord's Resistance Army (in the South-east area of the Central African Republic; they have sought refuge in the few towns that are considered to be secure in the zone.

Eweline tell us about it: "Before, my husband, my six children and I were living happily in our village, Baradu, we grew corn, rice, rape seed, manioc and vegetables. My husband hunted regularly and brought us back meat. There was fruit then, too. Today, we have lost everything. When the Tongo Tongo (LRA – Lord's Resistance Army) came to our village to pillage everything, we fled taking with us only the clothes on our backs. They kidnapped the young people, pillaged the barns and burned the houses. Today, we are living in this camp, in Rafaï, we are afraid to go home, afraid to go to the fields to pick a little manioc to eat. And as we have no money left, it has become difficult to send the children to school and particularly to keep them in good health. Life is hard here, but it is still better than going back to the village, where we could get kidnapped."

Eweline, a displaced Central African, who fled from the abuse of the LRA.

In Rafaï, more than 3,500 people are living in the camps for the displaced, thanks to the picking of a little manioc and leaves.

Several months ago, food aid was distributed, but it was insufficient. Première Urgence made an audit of the situation in the Rafaï area from 14 – 21 October 2010, to understand the needs of these displaced populations, in addition to those of the resident populations, also affected by the crisis.

Rafaï is home to more than 3,500 people in camps for displaced.

In order to counter undernourishment and to limit dependence on outside food rations, Première Urgence would like to set up a food security project. Distribution programmes of market seeds (vegetables) and food seed (corn, rice, rape seed) and tools will enable the populations to harvest by themselves during the next farming season.

This aid will help them to regain independence, even while displaced, until the security situation improves in the area.

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