OCTOBER 25, 2010: 40 Bodies of Suspected Warriors Found in Bush

40 Bodies of Suspected Warriors Found in Bush

SOURCE: The Monitor

By Steven Ariong

The army yesterday discovered 40 bodies of suspected cattle rustlers in the bushes of Kalosarich near the border between Moroto and Kotido districts.

The army said the bodies were of some Jie warriors who escaped with bullet wounds after a three-hour battle in Nadunget Trading Centre on Wednesday. The suspected warriors had attempted to rustle the animals in the area.

"We knew that many would die though they killed our soldiers," the 3rd Division Commander, Brig. Patrick Kankiriho said. "The army will continue battling the cattle rustlers until they surrender," he added.

Human rights issues

The discovery of bodies comes barely five months after the Uganda Human Rights Commission said its investigators in Karamoja had found evidence of army culpability in human rights violations.

The UPDF was on the spot at the time for allegedly killing unarmed Karimojong and looting their cattle. However, the army denies any wrongdoing.

The battle at Nadunget Trading Centre left two UPDF soldiers and a warrior dead. Four soldiers sustained injures. The warriors, however, managed to flee with some animals and one gun.

Nadunget residents, whose animals were raided, said the number of the dead were more than 40.

As of June, more than 27,523 illegal guns had been recovered from Karimojong warriors and 450 suspects prosecuted in the court martial.

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