OCTOBER 2, 2009: 5,000 Human Rights Cases Against Police

5,000 Human Rights Violation Cases Reported Against Police

SOURCE: Monitor

By Gerald Bareebe

A total of 5,000 human rights violation and unprofessional conduct-related cases have been reported by individuals against the Police Force, its political commissar, Mr Asan Kasingye, has said.

Speaking at the launch of the human rights complaints' manual for the Police on Wednesday in Kampala, Mr Kasingye said out of 5,000 cases, 3,000 have been handled and the guilty officers were demoted or forwarded to courts of law for trial.

 "We have disciplinary panels handling these cases. If any officer commits a professional offence, he is charged at that unit by those with higher," Mr Kasingye added.

Meanwhile, the Uganda Human Rights Network (Hurinet), a local rights body has also developed a complaint form which will be given out to the public to help them officially register their complaints in case they are assaulted by the Police.

Mr Mohammed Ndifuna, the national co-ordinator of Hurinate, said many human rights violation cases against the Police have gone unreported because the public is not aware of the role of the newly established police professional standards unit.