OCTOBER 15, 2010: Ugandan Rebel Group Threatens Violence in Darfur

Ugandan Rebel Group Threatens Violence in Darfur

SOURCE: Catholic Information Service for Africa

The Lord's Resistance Army (LRA), the armed group that has waged a campaign of terror and human-rights violations beginning in northern Uganda and spreading through central Africa, has now set its sights on the already troubled Darfur province of Sudan, an African archbishop has warned.

Archbishop Juan José Aguirre Mu-os of Bangassou in the Central African Republic told Fides news service that LRA troops have attacked towns in his country and now are headed north toward the uncontrolled border of Sudan.

The LRA has long been involved in skirmishes in southern Sudan, near its original stronghold in northern Uganda. The move westward into Darfur could exacerbate the bloodshed that already plagues the province.

The LRA, which was originally regarded as a rebel group in Uganda, is led by Joseph Kony, who will face multiple human-rights charges before an international court if and when he is apprehended.

Bishop Mu-os reported that the LRA troops headed toward Darfur include a number of child soldiers. The group has made a practice of kidnapping children from the towns it raids and pressing them into service in combat.

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