OCTOBER 11, 2010: Former IDPs Want Talks with LRA Resumed

Former IDPs Want Talks with LRA Resumed

SOURCE:New Vision

By Bill Oketch

FORMER residents of Ojwii camp in Aleka sub-county, Oyam district want the Government to resume peacetalks with Joseph Kony, the leader of the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) rebels.

The former internally displaced persons said resuming peacetalks will bring long-lasting peace to those affected by the 20-year conflict.

"We know that the LRA killed our people, but we want them to be forgiven so that we can enjoy long-lasting peace," Jolly Joe Omec, a resident of Akuki village, said.

Alex Alobo said the atrocities being carried out by the rebels in the DR Congo, Central African Republic and Southern Sudan also affect those who suffered during rebel activities in the north.

"We want the Government to resume peacetalks with the rebels so that they stop killing innocent civilians wherever they are," he said.

Benson Odongo, a resident who lost two of his brothers during the LRA war, said if Kony and his men are forgiven and the rebels accept to participate in mato oput, the war will end for good.

Mato oput is a traditional way of solving conflict.

But critics say taking the LRA to mato oput would be like thanking them for killing their people.

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