OCTOBER 1, 2009: 2 Million Risk Hunger

Two Million At Risk of Hunger, Oxfam Warns

SOURCE: Monitor

By Evelyn Lirri

At least two million Ugandans are threatened by severe hunger as a result of a prolonged drought, the International Aid agency Oxfam has warned.

Oxfam, which has now launched an emergency appeal for $15 million to feed more than 23 million people faced by hunger across East Africa, said in some instances, large numbers of animals have died because of drought.

 "A severe and persistent five-year drought, deepened by climate change, is now stretching across seven countries in the region and exerting a heavy human toll, made worse by high food prices and violent conflict. The worst affected countries are Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia and Uganda," Oxfam said in a statement.

Other countries facing severe hunger and food shortages are Sudan, Djibouti and Tanzania.

"This is the worst humanitarian crisis Oxfam has seen in East Africa for over 10 years," said Mr Paul Smith Lomas, Oxfam's East Africa Director.

He added: "Many are selling their cattle to buy food. In northern Uganda farmers have lost half their crops and more than two million people across the country desperately need aid."...

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