NOVEMBER 9, 2010: Local aid key to northern Uganda recovery

In Brief: Local aid key to northern Uganda recovery


Local assistance in northern Uganda played a crucial part in post-conflict recovery in Pader and Katakwi districts but determining the exact impact requires more work, according to research findings.

The two districts have, over the years, suffered insurgency and consequent population displacement, cattle rustling, clashes over land, floods and hunger. During this time, local people offered aid convoy escorts, disarmament support and participated in peace negotiations and voluntary informal security organizations. They also provided casual labour, food and leased farm land around displaced persons' camps.

The findings, in the Domestic Response in Uganda study compiled by Development Research and Training, a Ugandan research group,and the Global Humanitarian Assistance programme, show that local response is highly valued. "If I receive small help from my neighbour and large help from an outside organization, I value the help from my neighbour more as I know he has less to give," said a respondent in Katakwi.

The report called for an aid system that recognizes the strengths of all humanitarian actors "so that a satisfactory balance can be achieved between asking too much of domestic responders and asking too little".

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