NOVEMBER 25, 2009: ADF, Govt Agree to Meet

ADF, Govt Agree to Meet

SOURCE: Monitor

By Gerald Bareebe

The Democratic Republic of Congo will play host to peace talks between Uganda and the defeated rebels of Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), the government has announced.

The Chairperson of the Amnesty Commission, Justice Peter Onega, who has been involved in secret talks with the group, said yesterday that plans are underway for open peace talks with the Congo-based Ugandan rebel group.

Justice Onega, who was speaking at a function organised by a local NGO, Always Be Tolerant (Abeto), to honour the commission for its role in promoting peace, said the government and the Amnesty Commission were ready for talks with the ADF.

The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Dr Stephen Kagoda, told Daily Monitor yesterday that the government has no objection to Kinsasha hosting the peace talks but added that the seriousness of the ADF to talk peace must be evaluated before the talks kick off.

Open Arms

"They [ADF] proposed Kinsasha and we are ready to have the talks there," Dr Kagoda said, adding; "It is the government policy to resolve all conflicts through peaceful means."

According to Dr Kagoda, Uganda will not deny an opportunity to the group, which fought President Museveni's government between 1995 and 2002 to return home.

ADF is accused of murder and kidnapping civilians in western Uganda during their rebel activities. The group operated near the Rwenzori Mountains and inflicted substantial suffering on the populace there.

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