NOVEMBER 24, 2009: Sudanese Govt Denies Arming LRA

Sudanese Govt Denies Arming LRA

SOURCE: New Vision

Kampala — SUDAN has assured Uganda that it is a partner in peace and dismissed as "irresponsible accusations" claims by a senior LRA officer that it is still supporting the LRA.

LRA director of operations, 'Lt. Col.' Charles Arop, told The New Vision that Kony had ordered his troops to move to Darfur and report to the first detachment of the Sudanese army to seek protection and logistical support.

"He told me he was going to meet Fadil, the SAF officer who coordinates LRA activities. He wants the Arabs to give him logistical support and a safe haven," Arop said in an exclusive interview on Monday.

He also revealed details of past deliveries of arms and ammunition by the Khartoum Government, some of which are still buried in river banks and hills in Southern Sudan.

But Abelrahim El-Siddig, the deputy head of mission of the Sudan embassy, in a statement yesterday said his Government had been assisting the UPDF in the war against the LRA.

"It is well known that the Government of Sudan and Uganda concluded a military protocol in March 2002 that enabled the UPDF to trace the LRA in Southern Sudan," the statement said.

"UPDF is still there for the same purpose."

He also argued that Sudan hosted the Juba peace talks, and that it approved the participation of the Government of Southern Sudan in Operation Lightning Thunder between December 2008 and March 2009.

The statement did not mention what action Sudan would take if the LRA went to them for protection.