NOVEMBER 24, 2009: 10 LRA Rebels Flown Back to Country

10 LRA Rebels Flown Back to Country

SOURCE: New Vision

By Oketch Bitek and Gloria Laker

Kampala — A total of 10 out of the 34 LRA rebel fighters who surrendered to the UPDF in Faradje in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo last week, have been flown back to Uganda.

"The group led by their commander, Capt. Samuel Obale, was flown to Koboko where we have a tactical base. They were later driven to Gulu," said the Gulu-based army spokesman, Capt. Ronald Kakurungu.

The group is staying at the Child Protection Unit in Gulu Municipality. Out of the 34 rebels, 22 were Congolese nationals and two Sudanese.

He identified the 10 returnees as Capt. Obale, 31, abducted in 1991 from Ogul village in Paicho sub-county in Gulu district; Lt. Bernard Komakech, 27, abducted from Anyomotwol village in Pader district in 1995 and 2nd Lt. Sam Kidega, 45, abducted from Wi-Anaka in Purongo sub-county, Amuru district in 1996.

Others were Warrant Officer II Robert Opiyo, 28, abducted in 1996 from Awach sub-county in Gulu; Sgt. Richard Ocola, 32, kidnapped in 1991 from Attiak sub-county in Amuru district and Sgt. Bonny Odong, 21, who was taken in 1998 from Omoro sub-county in Lira district.

The group also included Privates David Nyeko, 29, kidnapped in 2000 from Pajimo parish in Labongo-Akwang sub-county in Kitgum; Patrick Okello, 27, taken in 2002 from Patiko sub-county in Gulu; Jimmy Ojok, 18, abducted in 2002 from Patongo sub-county in Pader and John Orac, 19, taken in 2002 from Adilang sub-county in Pader district.