NOVEMBER 2, 2009: DR Congo in Better Situation But Still in Aftermath of Insecurity

DR Congo in Better Situation But Still in Aftermath of Insecurity

SOURCE: Xinhua News Agency

By Luc Roger Mbala and Shu Shi

KINSHASA, Nov 02, 2009 (Xinhua via COMTEX) - The Democratic Republic of Congo ( DRC) has entered into a decisive phase in the process of reconstruction and democratization, but the government still has much to do to get rid of insecurity.

In a recent press release, Congolese Defense Minister Charles Muando Nsimba announced the operation initiated by the armed forces FARDC and the UN mission MONUC to combat Rwandan rebels and other insurgents were on the right track with positive results.

The minister said the situation has much improved, especially in the once turbulent east, while acknowledging the government needs further efforts to boost security.

FARDC and MONUC were deployed to a great extent to neutralize these rebel forces which form the greatest obstacle to peace and economic reconstruction in the east of the country.

In Orientale province bordering Uganda and Sudan, the notorious Ugandan rebel LRA is still able to launch attacks on villages where cases of killing, looting, rape and child abduction were reported.

The LRA has waged one of the longest guerrilla wars in Africa since 1986, roaming between Uganda, Sudan, the DRC and Central African Republic. Its guerrilla-style warfare has left tens of thousands dead and 2 million homeless over years.

The three neighboring countries launched the anti-LRA operation on Dec. 14, declaring they had wiped out 80 percent of the rebel group at the end of the crackdown in March.

Although the joint military action dismantled the LRA's main base in the Garamba national park, its remnants killed more than 900 civilians in retaliation afterwards, sparking an outcry from human rights activists...

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