NOVEMBER 2 ,2009: 10 LRA Cede to Congolese Forces

10 LRA Rebels Cede to Congolese Forces

SOURCE: Monitor

By Warom Felix Okello

Arua — Nine more fighters of the Lord's Resistance Army have surrendered to the Congolese army following a battle between the UPDF and the rebels in the Central African Republic (CAR) last week.

The surrender comes five days after three others surrendered to the Congolese forces. The majority of them surrendered in Faraje and Aba in the DR Congo.

LRA fled to CAR to seek safe haven after the UPDF attacked and destroyed their camps in Garamba National Park in December.

The UPDF West Nile Army Spokesman, Capt. Peter Mugisa, told Daily Monitor on Saturday at the 409 Brigade that the fighters surrendered following increased pressure by the UPDF and that the leader of the LRA, Joseph Kony's days are numbered.

"This is a clear testimony that the end of Kony is nearing and this will pave way for peace in the northern Uganda," Capt. Mugisa said.

The nine that surrendered with their guns include; Ojok Michael, Francis Opira, Francis Tholith, Dennis Okwera, Anthony Olanya, and 14-year-old Simon Ocilo, Pauline Adoch, the wife to commander Arop, Alice Amony and Stella Acan.

Capt. Mugisa said the number of LRA fighters is reducing due to the several surrenders and those being killed during the battle. The three who surrendered a week ago include: Richard Odoki, Otika Okweranga, all from Pader and 16-year-old Samuel Ojara.

This brings to 13, the number of LRA fighters who surrendered within a week. However, Daily Monitor could not talk to the abductees but learnt that the 409 Brigade offered them food.

According to the former rebels, they surrendered due to a leadership power vacuum and lack of food in the bush. They were under the command of both Lt. Col. Otto Malaba and Lt. Ochen who were operating along the Congo-CAR borders.

Many of them were abducted on their way to school between 1995 and 2002...

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