MAY 4, 2010: Iron Bar Men Hit Hoima District

Iron Bar Men Hit Hoima District

SOURCE: The New Vision

By Richard Atikwa

Kampala — With the end of the insurgence in the north and the escape of Kony to the Central African Republic, it is believed that peace and security have returned to Uganda. But this is not the case in Bunyoro.

There are rampant cases of iron bar hit men in Hoima town commonly known as aba obutehimbwa. The district and particularly the town has been invaded by a group of unknown iron bar hit men who have been attacking people from as early as 9:00pm to about 6:00am in the morning. The iron bar men hit their victims on the head.

Some of the victims have died on spot and others in the hospital or at home or on their way for treatment. Every two weeks, such cases are reported to the Police.

Despite a series of patrols by the Rapid Response Unit (RRU) in the district the latest being on April 23, Hioma district is wrapped in insecurity.

The security committee of the district has sat and deliberated on this issue and operations have been carried out several times, but the vice continues although on a less severe magnititude. It is not a guarantee that since some members of the group have been netted security will return to Hoima town.

The hit men might have lessened their activities as they study the moves of the security operatives, then after discovering a loophole, they will increase their activities again.

A commission of inquiry should be instituted to operate alongside the security operations taking place in the district to try and find out exactly who the iron bar hit men are, what their motive is, and the possible mechanism of dealing with them.

The Government and the district local government should establish if the courts and the Police are not fuelling the crime by protecting the criminals.

Already confessions from people who were wrongly arrested or picked during an operation and have been released after finding no evidence to implicate them, state that they were given bond or bail after paying some colossal sums of money. We need a lasting solution to get rid of the iron bar hit men.

The writer is a political analyst