MAY 3, 2010: United Nations Investigating LRA Killings in Congo

United Nations Investigating LRA Killings in Congo
SOURCE: Monitor
By Risdel Kasasira
The United Nations is investigating the alleged LRA massacre of at least 100 people in DR Congo in February.

Mr John Holmes, the UN humanitarian chief, said on a visit to the country last week that an investigation was underway to find out what exactly happened, the agencies said.

If the claims are true, it would bring the number of people killed between December and March to 500. The LRA leader Joseph Kony, a war indicted criminal, has killed, maimed and continues to attack and abduct civilian population in DR Congo, south Sudan and Central Africa Republic (CAR).

The Enough country Representative in Uganda, Ledio Cakaj, who is assigned to follow LRA activities in the region, said he had heard about the probe.

Unreported atrocities

"I have heard about the probe. LRA have committed many unreported atrocities in DR Congo and Central African Republic," he said.

Mr Holmes was quoted by BBC as saying LRA rebels had carried out the massacre in the village of Kpanga in the north-east of the country, near the border with southern Sudan and CAR.

A report released by Enough last month indicated that the notorious rebel group had killed at least 1,400 in DR Congo by March, a figure that was disputed by the UPDF.

The UN investigation comes at a time when the foreign affairs committee of the US House of Representatives unanimously voted last week to approve the LRA Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act, a law that will authorise the use of specialised forces and resources by the US to deal with the LRA.

The UN says between December and March, more than 300 people, were abducted and unknown number of villagers mutilated.