MAY 26, 2010: Gulu War Victims Demand Immediate Arrest of LRA Commanders

Gulu War Victims Demand Immediate Arrest of LRA Commanders
SOURCE: The Monitor

Victims of the Lords Resistance Army rebellion in Gulu District have asked the International Criminal Court to pursue the top commanders of the group and prosecute them.

The survivors of LRA atrocities are concerned that despite indicting the top rebel commanders the ICC has failed to arrest them.

In 2005, the ICC indicted Joseph Kony, Vincent Otti, Okot Odhiambo and Dominic Ongwen, all top LRA commanders.

The suspects are wanted to answer war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Ms Monica Aceng, a resident of Eriaga Parish in Gulu Municipality says it is difficult to know whether the court is interested in prosecuting the rebels, five years after it issued arrest warrants for the commanders.

Mr Walter Ochora, the Gulu resident district commissioner said the prosecution of the rebel leaders should be left to the special division of the High Court. He, however, says he doubts the possibility of arresting top LRA commanders.

Judge Sang-Hyun Song, the president of the International Criminal Court, is expected to meet the affected community in Gulu at the weekend.