MARCH 18, 2010: Otunnu Warned About Luweero Killings

Tinyefuza Warns Otunnu - We Will Crash You
SOURCE: Monitor

By Richard Wanambwa

Kampala — The Coordinator of Intelligence Agencies, Gen. David Tinyefuza, has warned newly-elected Uganda People's Congress president Olara Otunnu that he risks being "crushed" if he continues to incite the public on the Luweero killings.

Gen. Tinyefuza was on Tuesday reacting to Mr Otunnu who on Monday called for an independent inquiry into the killings in Luweero Triangle which bore some of the fiercest fighting between President Museveni's then National Resistance Army/Movement rebel group and the Uganda National Liberation Army which was the national army under President Milton Obote.

"Tell Otunnu that he should not start to play with the blood of our people. There is politics and treachery and we hope he does not cross the red line," Gen. Tinyefuza said. "We know what Otunnu has been involved in and I can assure him that if he thinks that he can be a beachhead for Kony in Kampala, he will be crushed and therefore we advise him to stick to his political struggle."

Gen. Tinyefuza hinted that the former UN diplomat might also have to explain alleged links to the Lord's Resistance Army rebels that terrorised northern Uganda for about two decades.

Mr Otunnu, who has also accused Museveni's government of conducting a genocide in northern Uganda said on Monday that he did not care about the outcome of the findings of the Luweero investigation whether they incriminate those outside power or not, but insisted that it must be done.

"I don't care whether the person who committed the atrocities bears the name of a Muganda, Munyankole or an Acholi; we must have the inquiry done and chips fall," he told his first press conference as UPC leader on Monday.

But Tinyefuza warned Otunnu "not to take his freedom for granted" and not go overboard.

Debate has been raging on how many people died as a result of the Luweero war that brought Museveni to power in January 1986.

Government estimates have put it at 300, 000 though some critics have questioned it.

UPC, which was the sitting government at the time, has been calling for a thorough investigation. The party argues that whoever will be found guilty must be held responsible for their actions.

Mr Otunnu served as Ambassador to the UN under Obote II and as Foreign Affairs Minister under the Tito and Bazillio Okello regime that over threw Obote in a coup in 1985 before being overthrown by Museveni in 1986.

Mr Otunnu could not be reached by press time as he was in a meeting.