MARCH 11, 2010: 'Arrow Boys Still Armed'

 'Arrow Boys Still Armed'
SOURCE: New Vision

By Simon Naulele

Kampala — The UPDF has refuted claims by the Amuria district chairperson, Julius Ochen, that the Arrow Boys in Teso still have illegal arms.

The division army spokesperson, Capt. Henry Obbo, said the guns are from the former Uganda People's Army.

He said when the Arrow Boys were disbanded, district leaders were told to register them, including deserters, to receive payment.

"The local leaders assembled about 7,000 Boys and declared that was all, which figures tallied with ours," Obbo said in an interview with The New vision recently.

Ochen said the army should account for the guns they gave the Arrow Boys during the LRA war.

He said the guns were being used by the former Arrow militias to settle land disputes.

Ochen made the remarks during the UPDF recruitment mobilisation meeting at Soroti Lukiko Hall.

"We want accountability for the guns given to the Arrow Boys because during the 2006 elections, they were used to terrorise civilians," Ochen said.