JUNE 29, 2010: Uganda Army on Alert After Attack on Congolese Town

Uganda Army on Alert After Attack on Congolese Town
SOURCE: Radio France Internationale (Paris)
Uganda's military was put on heightened alert following an attack by a rebel group inside the Democratic Republic of Congo, an army spokesperson said on Tuesday. Troops were sent to reinforce those already stationed at the border between the two countries.

According to the military, the long-silent Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) were responsible for an attack on the town of Mutwanga on Monday that left 16 civilians dead.

Mutwanga is about 50 kilometres from the Uganda border.

"We have have reason to believe they can cause insecurity," Lieutenant Colonel Felix Kulayigye said. "We are monitoring their movements very closely."

The ADF launched an armed struggle for Muslim rights in the country's Rwenzori region near the DRC border that left thousands displaced between 1996 and 2001.

The attack in the DRC town of Mutwanga came after claims by the rebels that the government had refused to dialogue with them.

Uganda said it was open to dialogue, but had concerns regarding the sincerity of the rebels' offer. The ADF insisted that if the government did not commit to talks, fighting would continue.

Editor's Note: Interview of Lieutenant Colonel Felix Kulayigye here.