JUNE 18, 2010: LRA victims to be paid this year

LRA victims to be paid this year
SOURCE: Daily Monitor
By Cissy Makumbi

Civilians who were maimed during the 20-year insurgency in the north will be compensated this financial year, a presidential adviser has said. “I gave directives to all resident district commissioners in Acholi sub-region to reregister all those who had not yet registered with my office to speed up the process of securing their compensation,” Mr Richard Todwong, the presidential adviser for northern Uganda, said in an interview on Wednesday.

He, however, said consultations are ongoing on how they will compensate victims of different categories because there are those with minor and serious injuries.

Mr Todwong urged those who need medication to go to hospitals, adding that the State has given provision for the victims in government hospitals, especially those still with splinters and bullets in their bodies.
Mr Dickens Okeny, who is in charge of recording the victims of the Lord’s Resistance Army insurgency in the resident district commissioner’s office in Gulu, said since Friday last week, more than 200 people have been registered, adding that the number is expected to increase.

“Sixty women had so far registered and some of them are victims of rape and defilement,” Mr Okeny said. More than 4,000 have already registered in Acholi sub-region and some parts of Lango