JUNE 16, 2010: Law Society Wants Kiboko Squad Inquiry

Law Society Wants Kiboko Squad Inquiry
SOURCE: The New Vision
By Joyce Namutebi
The Uganda Law Society (ULS) has called upon the Government to set up a commission of inquiry into the origin and authenticity of the kiboko squad.

The organisation has also called for immediate disbandment of the group and the arrest and prosecution of those responsible for its formation and operation.

Addressing journalists at a press conference yesterday, ULS president Bruce Kyerere said his organisation was concerned about the circumstances under which a peaceful rally organised by political activists on June 9 was dispersed by Police officers alongside men armed with sticks.

He said ULS was also concerned about the "unprofessional manner" in which the Police confronted Inter-Party Cooperation (IPC) women demonstrators at Buganda Road Court on Monday, injuring some of them.

Kyerere argued that these incidents showed "a gradual decline in the Government's commitment to good governance, rule of law, observance and protection of human rights as well as adherence to democratic principles."

He pointed out that the situation had forced his organisation to pronounce itself on the situation especially as the election period approaches.

Kyerere criticised the Police for looking on as the gang assaulted the demonstrators.

Quoting the Constitution, the United Nations International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the ULS boss urged the Police to respect the right to freedom of assembly, association and demonstration.

Internal affairs minister Kirunda Kivejinja on Tuesday told Parliament that the Police had commissioned an investigation to establish the identity and motive of the group.