JULY 8, 2010: Ugandan rebels kill four in CAR: Red Cross

Ugandan rebels kill four in CAR: Red Cross


BANGUI, Central African Republic — Ugandan rebels killed four people and took six hostages in an attack on a village in Central African Republic, the Red Cross said Thursday.

"Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) rebels attacked the village of Mandabazouma late Sunday afternoon with heavy fire from automatic weapons, causing panic among inhabitants," a Red Cross official told AFP.

"Four people were killed, seven injured and six kidnapped by rebels, who looted and burned houses," said the official.

The LRA has been active in southeast Central African Republic since it was chased out of Uganda in 2008, killing more than 200 people and leaving thousands displaced.

The number of LRA attacks has increased since February this year, and on Monday Bangui called on Washington to help neutralise the group.

In June, the Ugandan army began to track down LRA fighters in the region.

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