JULY 8, 2010: Security Services Coordinator Warns On Land Issues

Security Services Coordinator Warns On Land Issues

SOURCE: New Vision

By Martin Kaahwa

Kampala — The national coordinator of security services, Gen. David Tinyefuza, has warned that land may cause a civil war in Uganda if tribes do not change their cultural thinking.

"As the Government, we know that rights of indigenous people should be protected, but we can no longer restrict the movement of people. You should know that Uganda's population is growing every day. Your children are no longer dying because we are immunising them but the size of our country is constant," Tinyefuza said.

He made the remarks on Wednesday while meeting Masindi district leaders in the council chambers.

Tinyefuza was on a courtesy call to the district administration on his way from Masindi Artillery Division headquarters, where army Members of Parliament were scheduled to have a consultative meeting.

He called upon the Banyoro to accept the Bakiga in Kibaale and the Balalo in Buliisa.

"I know the land problems Bunyoro is facing but you can no longer chase the Bakiga from Kibaale because their home area, Kigezi, has also been taken over by the Banyarwanda. We need to live together as Africans and forget the land demarcations left to us by the colonialists. In 1900, Uganda had only six million people but the number has grown to 33 million," he said.

"We shall continue fighting if you do not adopt a modern way of living. A quarter of the land in Uganda is full of graves. In China, the dead are burnt. Other western countries are making use of space by building vertically. We need to look into this and pick what can help us," Tinyefunza added.

In June last year, Tinyefuza called for radical land reforms.

Appearing before a parliament committee, he said there should be a limit to the size of land individuals can acquire. He also proposed that idle land be seized and given to others to develop.

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