JULY 29, 2010: UPDF Kills 16 Karimojong Rustlers

UPDF Kills 16 Karimojong Rustlers

SOURCE: New Vision

By Olandason Wanyama And Cyprian Musoke

Kampala — Sixteen cattle rustlers have been killed by the UPDF over the last two days, Army third division Spokesman Capt. Henry Obbo has said.

The UPDF, Obbo said, had stepped up its operations in Karamoja following the heavy rains in the region over the past one week. "The Karimojong usually carry out massive raids during the rainy season. The rains wash away their tracks. This time round, it has been very hard for them," he said.

Among those killed in what Obbo described as the worst raid of the year had the army not been alert, were eight Jie warriors. "About 200 armed Jie warriors attacked a kraal in Nadungetut. They planned to steal over 6,000 head of cattle, but due to the UPDF's quick reaction, they took only 685," he said.

However, he added, the army pursued the warriors and recovered all the animals, killing eight of them and recovering three guns in Kubebe along the Kotido/Moroto border. A day earlier, another six Dodoth warriors were killed and two guns recovered at Kataitoi at the Napak/Kotido border area, he observed.

"This group had stolen 90 head of cattle from Kanawat in Kotido. Instead of going back to Kaabong, they headed southwards towards Napak to confuse the security forces, but we were closely monitoring them. All the cattle were recovered," Obbo said.

Other two rustlers, a Tepeth and Pokot were killed in other failed raids and their weapons recovered in Rupa and Moroto, respectively.

"Instead of utilising the rain to cultivate, they want to terrorise the region. Over the past two days, they have made six fruitless attempts that have cost them heavily," Obbo said. The UPDF, he warned, would continue protecting the livestock oand civilians.

Nandunget LC3 chairman Raphael Eritoi urged security operatives to tighten grip over the youth who are bent on causing insecurity.

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