JULY 24, 2009: Leaders Question Chissano's Anti LRA Proposal

Leaders Question Chissano's Anti-LRA Proposal
Gulu — While the Ugandan government supports the recommendation by Joachim Chissano, the outgoing UN envoy for areas affected by the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA), to use military as well as peaceful means to deal with the rebels, several leaders in northern Uganda have opposed the proposal, saying the military option would destabilise the region further.

"Peace-loving Ugandans and I have always opposed the military option in ending this rebellion," John Baptist Odama, the bishop of the Gulu Archdiocese, told IRIN. "We do not have the confidence that any military action will bring security to the region but will instead only further destabilize the relative calm which is being experienced."

Several other local, religious and cultural leaders from the region echoed Odama's sentiments...
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