JULY 20, 2010: Government Told to Care for Informal Workers

Government Told to Care for Informal Workers

SOURCE: New Vision

By Darious Magara

Kampala — The Government has been urged to design special programmes on HIV/AIDS interventions for women and youth employed in the informal sector.

This group, experts argued, are the most vulnerable to contracting the HIV disease.

Lillian Mugerwa, the executive director of Platform for Labour Action, added last week that the groups were missing programmes such as voluntary counselling and testing, prevention of mother-to-child transmission and the general HIV/AIDS awareness services.

"Can you imagine that some women in Lira town do not know how HIV/AIDS is transmitted? This means the conventional programmes have not reached them," Mugerwa stated.

Speaking at the release of a report on HIV/AIDS in Kampala, Mugerwa said research had indicated that conventional programmes by the Government and the civil society were not reaching the vulnerable groups.

The report entitled "Risks and Vulnerabilities of HIV/AIDS in the informal sector," a case study of women and youth in Lira and Iganga districts, was launched by Lillian Tibatemwa, the deputy vice-chancellor of Makerere University.

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