JULY 15, 2010: Bomb Scares Grip Kampala

Bomb Scares Grip Kampala

SOURCE: The Independent

Kampala — "We were immediately called and our squad investigated the contents of the package. It was harmless," said Byakagaba. When the bomb squad finally examined the package it contained, among other things, a metallic lamp holder, a screw driver, lamp wicks, an exercise book and ball point pens.

There has been almost one bomb panic everyday in different parts of Kampala since the July 11 bomb attacks at Kyadondo Rugby Club and the Ethiopian Village Restaurant that claimed 74 lives.

On July 12, the bomb squad was called to Rubaga after an explosion was reported from a rubbish dumping site. Investigations later revealed that the explosion was caused by an abandoned bullet which exploded after unknown persons set fire to the pile of rubbish. On the same day, the squad also responded to a call from Makerere University where concerned students noticed a 'suspiciously abandoned' thermos flask next to the university main gate.

On July 13, on Biashara Street in Wandegeya the bomb squad was called in only to find an abandoned bag containing dirty baby clothing.

And just yesterday some parts of Kampala road, opposite Bank of Uganda, were cordoned off for hours after people reported a suspected bomb. The suspected bomb turned out to be a nylon shopping bag filled different items.

Byakagaba says such bomb scares are a positive sign of increased vigilance.

"We must keep our eyes open. The police will come whenever and wherever it is summoned to be on the safe side. We are not taking anything for granted," he said.

So far, the police have made six arrests of suspects linked to Sunday's bombings. They have, however, declined to publicly release the identities and nationalities of these suspects. Kenyan authorities handed over a Ugandan national arrested in Nairobi that is suspected to have been involved in the attack on Uganda. Also in Kenya the police killed a man of Somali origin who was found carrying over 300 detonators.