JULY 11, 2010: 17,000 Troops Deployed in Karamoja to Boost Security

17,000 Troops Deployed in Karamoja to Boost Security

SOURCE: New Vision

By Olandason Wanyama

Kampala — Over 17,000 soldiers have been deployed in Karamoja sub-region to strengthen the disarmament operation aimed at getting rid of illegal guns.

A battalion of Special Forces have been assigned to operate in difficult terrains, specifically the mountainous ones.

The UPDF have also been deployed to guard the borders so as to fight gun trafficking and foreign aggressors.

The increased presence of the Anti-Stock Theft Unit will also counter cattle raiders and restore law and order through community policing.

The newly-recruited local defence personnel will act as a zonal force which will protect livestock in the villages.

The UPDF 3rd Division spokesperson, Capt. Henry Obbo, said on Tuesday the deployment was within the Government policy to pacify Karamoja in the next six months.

President Yoweri Museveni, while passing out ASTU recruits in Kotido district recently, vowed to end lawlessness in Karamoja.

Several armoured vehicles, helicopters, military ware and personnel have been positioned in various stations to wrap up the10-year-old disarmament exercise.

Obbo added that strong administrative bodies had been formed across the region to end the hostilities caused by armed warriors.

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