JULY 1, 2010: Nyala Youth Train in Conflict Mediation

Nyala Youth Train in Conflict Mediation

UNAMID's Civil Affairs component today completed a two-day workshop on conflict management for 50 youths in Nyala, South Darfur, where most combatants and victims of conflict are in their twenties.

The workshop aimed at helping participants resolve ethnic disputes in their communities. The youths discussed theories of conflict resolution and focused on active listening, negotiation and mediation skills.

The course was part of a series of UNAMID training workshops on "Conflict Resolution, Reconciliation, Negotiation and Mediation" aimed at easing tribal tensions in Darfur. The Mission recently concluded a similar workshop for 100 native administrators in West Darfur, where the warring Misseriya and Rizeigat tribes finally signed a peace agreement on 28 June which ended more than three months of bloodshed.