Investigation Urgently Needed Into Detention And Torture

Uganda: Investigation Urgently Needed Into Detention And Torture By Anti-Terrorism Force


New York — The Ugandan government should urgently charge or release five detainees held by military intelligence, one of them for 16 months, Human Rights Watch said today. Lawyers for the detainees' families and friends filed petitions for habeas corpus with the High Court in Kampala on July 17, 2009 seeking to compel the government to justify the legal basis for continuing detention.

The five detainees - four men and one woman - were arrested on various dates in 2008 by agents of the Joint Anti-terrorism Task Force (JATT), a unit that draws its members from the military, police, and intelligence organizations and reports to the chief of military intelligence (CMI). In violation of the Ugandan Constitution, the five have been held without access to a lawyer or family and have never been before a magistrate or charged with any crime throughout their prolonged detention. The government's refusal to reveal the physical whereabouts of the detainees makes these cases of enforced disappearance under international law, Human Rights Watch said....

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