Interfaith Centre for Peace

In 2004, ARLPI became the first African institution to ever receive the Niwano Peace Award for her contributions towards promoting unity and her commitment to finding peaceful ways to end the northern Uganda conflict.

Upon receiving the prize, ARLPI vowed to use the monies awarded to create the first of it's kind--an 'Interfaith Centre for Peace' in Gulu. In an effort to promote peace in Uganda, Africa and the world at large, the centre is to be dedicated for training in peace education, research, and advocacy for non-violent conflict resolution and other peace related issues.
The centre will consist of an administration block, a hotel and catering wing, as well as a theater which will house hundreds.

ARLPI Leadership Monitoring Construction Progress

 Construction Begins
Phase 1, 2, & 3:
While land had previosuly been secured, a borehole dug and a pump installed, due to insecurity in the region, ARLPI was unable to start construction as desired. However in 2009, ARLPI began the first phase of construction starting with the administration block.
Leveling of Site
Phase 1 consists of the:
  • Clearing and leveling of the site
  • Laying of the foundation of the administration block

Laying of Foundation of Administration Block


Raising the pillars of the Administration Block

Phase 2 consists of
  • Raising of Pillars and first floor slab
Raising the next level of the Administration Block 
Phase 3 consists of:
  • Raising of Ceiling
While the first three phases are to be completed by The beginning of March, 2010.
Additional phases to be undertaken include:
  • Installation of plumbing and electricity
  • Building of walls
  • Finishing and painting of walls & floors
  • Installation of all finishing work such as doors, windows, etc.
The completion of alll of these phases will result in the finishing of the Administration block at a cost of 282,478,650/= UGS.
            Support Peace & Reconciliation:
While ARLPI has begun to build the foundation on which their dreams are becoming a reality, more funds and support is needed for the successful completion of the project. To support ARLPI in her quest for sustainable peace and reconciliation in Uganda and beyond, feel free to contact us at:

Plot 16, Olya Rd. 
P.O. Box 104
Gulu Town, Uganda 

Office: +(256) 47132484 
For more information, please see: