FEBRUARY 8, 2010: Army Assures Northern Uganda of Peace

Army Assures Northern Uganda of Peace
SOURCE: New Vision
By Chris Ocowun

Kampala — THE army has assured the people of northern Uganda that the Lords' Resistance Army (LRA) rebels will never return to the region.

It added that the former rebels would surrender and embrace peace, development and take part in the recovery of the region from war.

"We, as the UPDF, are not resting and loosening our boots yet because we still have unfinished business with the LRA," said the acting UPDF 4th division operations and training officer, Col. Tom Tumuheirwe.

 "The assurance we are giving you is that the LRA will never return to Uganda as fighters. They can only return as surrendered reporters ready to make and keep peace."

This was during the Tarehe Sita at Kasubi Central Primary School in Gulu on Saturday.

As a way of embracing the Government prosperity-for-all programme and peace in the region, he added, the UPDF has initiated several projects aimed at improving the welfare of the soldiers and their families.

"Some of the projects include drama groups, poultry, apiary, fish farming and piggery. Programmes like NAADS should not leave the UPDF out because a stable income in the family means peace and stability in the entire community," Tumuheirwe noted.

The army, as part of the activities to celebrate the 29th Tarehe Sita, displayed a number of light and support weapons and armoured vehicles during a march in Gulu town. They also renovated windows of classrooms at Kasubi Central Primary School. Tumuheirwe challenged civilians to ensure that no insecurity rises in the north again.

The head teacher of Kasubi Central Primary School, Mary Ayenyo Okello, hailed the army for their struggle for peace and development in the north.

She thanked President Yoweri Museveni for enforcing good governance, saying it was the reason peace had returned to the north.

The municipal education officer, Joseph Achire, said the UPDF has grown to become a pro-people army.

He appealed to the army leadership to recruit trained teachers in the armed forces to boost education in the various primary schools within Gulu municipality.

Amuru resident district commissioner Edwin Yakobo Komakech thanked the President for making the UPDF a peoples' army. He advised Ugandans to use votes and not guns if they want to overthrow the Government.