FEBRUARY 3, 2010: LRA Activity in DRC: 'We Suffered A Lot'

We Suffered A Lot
The attacks of the Resistance Army (LRA) from Uganda continues to claim victims among the population of north-eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). These murderous attacks are often characterized by the burning of homes, the kidnapping of men women and children, looting, and killings with knives, causing massive displacement of populations.

Suzanne, a Congolese professor, was forced to flee for refuge Duru in Dungu after an attack by LRA elements in his village. "Elements of the LRA came to our village on the opening day of classes to remove or kill civilians," said Suzanne, who covered the 90km walk, with her sick daughter.

Dungu is located in Upper Uele in Province Orientale, DRC. Since 2007, the area is plagued by multiple armed attacks by Ugandan rebels. Review: over 1490 dead, 2471 which removed 699 children and 340 000 displaced. "The LRA have killed my husband, my uncles and my brothers," said Rustic who fled Kapili, to take refuge in Dungu. "If I go back there, I'll never forget. Besides the war is not over, "she added.

In response to Operation Rudi

Not far from the Sudanese border, the High Uele was a thriving area. But his days were darkened since a rebellion in Uganda has a rear base. To cut off supply routes to the LRA and their ways out of the national park of Garamba, the Congolese government decided to launch in July 2007 a military operation called Rudi, with the support force keeping the peace in DRC , MONUC.

But the LRA was not to be taken by surprise. "While the elements of the Congolese Armed Forces (FARDC) began to deploy a score of towns had been attacked by the LRA," said Mr. Francois Likoyo in charge of Humanitarian Affairs OCHA Dungu. "The attacks are characterized by atrocities that people could not see supporting," he added. Suzanne, moved from Duru lives uneasily with the atrocities she witnessed. "I saw a man banging on the front of someone else with a hammer, and the blood that flows," he told Suzanne. "He groaned twice, and then he died," she added.

Deadly attacks that have forced thousands of people to move from north to south Dungu. More than 340 000 people have been displaced in Eastern Province due to LRA attacks. This massive displacement caused itself by the movement of the LRA, helping to promote it. "When you have thousands of displaced leaves vast uninhabited areas, and the rebels can travel long distances without being reported, analyzed Likoyo OCHA Dungu.

The rebel attacks continued and Dungu received more displaced as the city was a haven of peace. But not for long because on 1 November 2008, she was attacked by elements of the LRA, who conducted many kidnappings.

"On 1 November 2008, 10 LRA elements have entered my house and kidnapped my three granddaughters, my little son, and myself," Papa told Pelekas, an upholsterer of 70 years. During five days of detention, the old upholsterer went through hell. "You're not eating your hunger and you carry heavy luggage. According to Papa Pelekas, the LRA did not hesitate to eliminate the captives who refused to continue the journey. "Another prisoner named Badi had refused to continue to carry luggage. The LRA commander had given orders to kill him, "said Papa Pelekas. "He was executed November 4, 2008, at 4am," he said.

Many girls were also abducted by the LRA. They are often used as sex slaves and forced to work. "I was 22 and went to the 5th Humanities (penultimate year before the university) when I was kidnapped," said Mado, a girl kidnapped for six months by the LRA. "Upon our arrival, all the girls were distributed to officers of the LRA, and I was the wife of a doctor close to Koni," she said. The captives were also forced to become familiar with the killing. "We were forced to go throw a corpse or her skull crushed, and all this for you no longer fear death," said Mado.