FEBRUARY 2, 2010: LRA Talks To Be Revisited

LRA Talks to be revisited, say Leaders
SOURCE: New Vision
By Dennis Ojwee

Kampala — THE unconcluded peace talks between the Government and the Lord's Resistance Army rebels is still a big threat to peace in northern Uganda, the Acholi Religious Peace Initiative has said.

"Even if the guns in the north have gone silent, they are still roaring in South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

"They are a threat to our security," the initiatives vice-chairperson, Musa Khalil said during a two-day meeting in Gulu recently. "The situation does not make our people feel free in mind," Khalil said.

He said the initiative wishes the Government and the rebels could return to the negotiation table and sign the peace agreement.

The Kitgum Bishop, Benjamin Ojwang, said the number of abducted children is still a big challenge for the Acholi leaders.

"We are best known abroad because we have many faith-based groups in the country with their own objectives and differences," the retired bishop of Kitgum diocese, McLeod Ochola, remarked.