FEBRUARY 18, 2010: Teenager Held Over Child Trafficing

Teenager Held Over Child Trafficking
SOURCE: Monitor
By Warom Felix Okello

A 16 year-old girl who was allegedly engaged in child trafficking for two years has been arrested for allegedly transporting a seven-year-old child to southern Sudan.

The suspect allegedly told Police that she is paid Shs 500,000 for a successful deal. "I normally steal children and take them to a witch doctor in Southern Sudan and get paid for the work," she reportedly told the Police.

According to the North Western Regional Police Spokesman, Mr Henry Alyang, the suspect was last year arrested in connection to similar crimes but released.

"Because we do not have a remand home here, she was granted bail. But this time, we shall not allow her to be out," Mr Alyang said.

Baby sitter

The stolen child was working as a baby sitter for a primary school teacher in Arua District. The suspect was arrested after the mother of the child reported to Police.