DECEMBER 27, 2009: LRA TRaining Camps Now In South Darfur

LRA Training Camps Now in South Darfur - SPLA
SOURCE: Monitor
By Angelo Izama

The South Sudan People's Liberation Army has said the Lord's Resistance Army as well as other militias allied to the government of Omar El Bashir are training in Western Bahr-El-Ghazal.

Quoted in the Sudan Tribune the Spokesman for the southern army said its forces had engaged the LRA in Raja county in Western Bahr-El- Ghazal. This confirms earlier information (in September 2006) from Ugandan and western intelligence -sources that the LRA, which dodged a widely billed peace-deal with the Kampala government, had charted a course through DR Congo, Central African Republic and northbound to Bahr-E-Gazal.

At the time, sources had told this newspaper the plan was to find ground to set up camps and recuperate. "They would then be re-inserted into South Sudan in or around the time for the referendum for secession in 2011" the sources said.

The SPLA Spokesman Maj-Gen. Kuol Diem Kuol said they believed LRA fighters were receiving direct assistance from the Khartoum government. He said after a skirmish between SPLA troops and LRA combatants on December 19th they recovered food rations whose origin is northern.

"The LRA left behind a large quality of food, most of which are Dak, made in North Sudan," he said, adding that the rebels then fled toward CAR. "LRA is re-grouping and training in Sudan in Dimo in Southern Darfur. This is a fact known to the intelligence community - in the area of Kaskagi in the northwest of Darfur," he told the Tribune.

According to the Enough Project, an anti-genocide campaign group, this month that the LRA was planning end of year attacks on villages in DRC but warned that civilian protection was weak because the SPLA and other national and international forces were not equipped to deal with the rebel threat.